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"Against The Grain" Is Screechingly Released Hot On The Heels Of The Previous Years Punk Hit 'No Control' Which Sold So Many Copies, Why Not Keep The Formula Untouched? The Exuberance Of This Release Is Kinda Tuff Ta' Blow Off

Contains The Superior Original Version Of "21st Century Digital Boy" Plus 16 More Crucial Cuts. A Barrage Of Melodic, Hyper-Overdrive.

1. Modern Man
2. Turn On The Light
3. Get Off
4. Blenderhead
5. Positive Aspect Of Negative Thinking
6. Anesthesia
7. Flat Earth Society
8. Faith Alone
9. Entropy
10. Against The Grain
11. Operation Rescue
12. God Song
13. 21st Century Digital Boy 
14. Misery And Famine
15. Unacceptable
16. Quality Or Quantity
17. Walk Away

Bad Religion - Against the Grain (Ltd Orange/Black Marble Vinyl)

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