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"No Control" Is One Of The Albums That Helped Bridge The Band's More Reckless Earlier Direction With Their More Focused (But Just As Pissed-Off) '90s-Era

The Strength Of Such Cuts As "Big Bang," "Automatic Man," The Title Track, And "I Want To Conquer The World." No Control Is One Of The Bands Best All-Time Albums And An Archetypal Blueprint For The Genre.


1. Change Of Ideas
2. Big Bang
3. No Control
4. Sometimes I Feel Like
5. Automatic Man
6. I Want To Conquer The World
7. Sanity
8. Henchman
9. It Must Look Pretty Appealing
10. You
11. Progress
12. I Want Something More
13. Anxiety
14. Billy
15. The World Won't Stop

Bad Religion - No Control (Ltd Yellow Vinyl)

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