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CANDY make their Relapse Records debut with their highly anticipated new album, Heaven is Here. The critically acclaimed band is poised to break past the conventions of metal, hardcore, and punk with one of 2022's most extreme and unique records.

Heaven Is Here puts together so many disparate elements with the confidence and care to graft their relativities together under what sounds like extreme duress. CANDY specifically strives to replicate moments of impact and anxiety, obsessive compulsive thinking, and extreme cynicism, aiming to provide the listener with an aural journey that allows for an outlet for these overwhelming feelings.


01. Human Condition Above Human Opinion
02. Mutilation
03. Heaven is Here
04. Price of Utopia
05. Transcend To Wet
06. Hysteric Bliss
07. World of Shit
08. Fantasy/Greed
09. Kinesthesia
10. Perverse

Candy - Heaven Is Here (Ltd Neon Yellow Vinyl)

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