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Here we go - the new full length album from the awesome Canadian hardcore punk band Counterparts. Following on from 2019's 'Nothing Left to Love'.

Counterparts are back. The Hamilton, Ontario-based metalcore heavyweights have announced their upcoming full-length, A Eulogy For Those Still Here, due out October 7th from Pure Noise Records. The record finds Counterparts tapping into a deep sense of uncertainty and dread and pushing their visceral sound to even greater extremes to make their most definitive statement yet.


01. 07/26/2020
02. Whispers Of Your Death
03. Bound To The Burn
04. Unwavering Vow
05. A Eulogy For Those Still Here
06. Skin Beneath A Scar
07. Sworn To Silence
08. What Mirrors Might Reflect
09. Soil II
10. Flesh To Fill Your Wounds
11. A Mass Grave Of Saints

Counterparts - A Eulogy For Those Still Here (Ltd Red/Black Pinwheel Vinyl)

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