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Immerse yourself in CZARFACE's latest action-packed odyssey, 'CZARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.' Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck, Esoteric and 7L create a dynamic synergy that's as engaging as flipping through the pages of your favorite graphic novel. Through intricate verses and captivating production, CZARFACE invites you to journey alongside them, exploring the intersection of cosmic hip-hop and comic book culture.


1. Czarchimedes’ Death Ray 

2. Blast Off 

3. All That For A Drop Of Blood 

4. You Know My Style (Ft. Nems) 

5. Mama’s Basement 

6. Frenzy In A Far Off World (Ft. Frankie Pulitzer) 

7. Czarsenic 

8. Gatecrasher (Ft. Doctor Destruction & Logic) 

9. Sirens 

10. Helicopter (Ft. Godfather Don & Kool Keith) 

11One Eleven Chelsea 

12Marvel At That (Road Trip) 

13Live From Czarnegie Hall (Ft. Kool Keith) 


Czarface - Czartificial Intelligence (Translucent Green Vinyl)

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