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After more than 30 albums composed and produced, 150 collaborations and remixes, 5,000 clubs and festivals and 5 million records sold, DJ Cam is finally releasing his first "best of". Celebrate over 20 years of his career with us! Known around the world, DJ Cam was part of the avant-garde "French Touch" together with Daft Punk, Air and Bob Sinclar, as well as a precursor of the electronic music popularised by his peers (Massive Attack, Madonna, Jean-Michel Jarre).


Side A
1. The First Date (I'll Steap Aside)
2. Be There
3. The Pain (Erase The Pain)
4. 48 Hours (Makes Me Love You)
5. Ghost Dog
6. The First Night (You Turn The Time)

Side B
1. Suffering (Goodbye)
2. Strange Feeling (Feelings)
3. Uzi's Lamenti (I Believe To My Soul)
4. She Left
5. Unbreakable (Ain't Nothing Gonna Break Us Up)

DJ Cam - Westside Gun Soul (Ltd Magenta Vinyl)

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