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This epic loot sees the epoch-making score for time-hopping action RPG Last Epoch blessing heavyweight wax. 

28 tracks chosen by composer Erik Desiderio have been specially mastered for vinyl and will be pressed onto heavyweight discs. These slip into a deluxe double gatefold sleeve with artwork by the team at Eleventh Hour Games.

Desiderio had to cast his mind through time to soundtrack each of the game’s four different epochs of Eterra, with the music of this release focusing mainly on the brighter Divine Era and the darker, apocalyptic Ruined Era. Most eras of the game have a natural, acoustic sound to them with more traditional instrumentation, while the Ruined Era focuses on warped synthetic and acoustic sounds. Over the course of the game’s Early Access period, the composer was able to gather fan feedback, which in turn helped shape the final score. 

Erik Desiderio - Last Epoch (Original Soundtrack 2LP Vinyl)

  • Disc 1
    Side A

    Last Epoch Theme
    Burning Forest
    In Preparation
    Keepers Camp
    Escape From The Fortress Vaults
    What She Left To Remember
    Side B
    Fires Before Dawn
    Bastion Of The Sun
    War Machines Of Solarum
    Ascending The Summit
    Inferno And Fury

    Disc 2
    Side A

    The End Of Time
    Crystal Mines: Crystal Lotus
    Shattered Remains
    The Temple Of Eterra
    Twisted Fire
    The Precipice
    Above The Black
    Side B
    The Council Chambers
    The Sheltered Wood
    The Forsaken Trail
    The Ritual Site
    Ruins Of Welryn
    Shadows Whisper
    Guardian Of Ruins
    The End Of Ruin