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The ninth studio album by the American heavy metal band. Debuting at #31 in the UK Albums Chart, the album features the tracks 'Anodized', 'Protomech' and 'Battle for Utopia'. This edition includes two bonus tracks.




1.Autonomous Combat SystemFear Factory

2.AnodizedFear Factory

3.DielectricFear Factory

4.Soul HackerFear Factory

5.ProtomechFear Factory

6.GenexusFear Factory

7.Church of ExecutionFear Factory

8.RegenerateFear Factory

9.Battle for UtopiaFear Factory

10.Expiration DateFear Factory

11.Mandatory Sacrifice (Genexus Remix)Fear Factory

12.Enhanced RealityFear Factory

Fear Factory - Genexus (Crystal Clear/ Black White Splatter Vinyl)