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Graveyard is a band that stands for no boundaries, no limits at all. Playing all sorts of rockish music makes the band stand out from the crowd. Be it classic rock, blues, jazz, folk; you name it. The authentic quintet makes it sound real. With wide influences spreading throughout different genres, Graveyard always stay top notch in what they do. Giving the listener a broadened spectrum of emotions, moods & feelings.


01. Magnetic Shunk
02. The Apple And The Tree
03. Exit 97
04. Never Theirs To Sell
05. Can’t Walk Out
06. Too Much Is Not Enough
07. From A Hole In The Wall
08. Cause & Defect
09. Hard-Headed
10. Far Too Close
11. Stay For A Song
12. The Hatch (BONUS TRACK

Graveyard - Innocence And Decadence

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