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Introducing the iconic self-titled album from Hell Is For Heroes, now available on vinyl for the

very first time. Originally released in 2007, this record was the band’;s final release before their announcing their hiatus in that same year. Unleashed on 08.03.24, this special re-release has been reimagined and revitalised through the expert remastering touch of Pelle Henriccson. And comes on a striking limited edition yellow vinyl.

Hell Is For Heroes - Hell Is For Heroes (Yellow Vinyl)

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  • 1. To Die For
    2. (Untitled)
    3. Stranger In You
    4. Hands Up!
    5. Into The Blood
    6. Arcades
    7. Only The Ridiculous Will Survive
    8. Between Us
    9. You've Got Hopes
    10. Once And For All
    11. My Protector