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Death Metal icons Incantation prepare the masses for their new album, 'Unholy Deification', via Relapse Records. Edified over three-plus decades of experience, 'Unholy Deification' is the group's 13th full-length album. Validated by peers seasoned and new, Incantation are more vital than ever - the lineup, featuring founding guitarist/vocalist John McEntee, drummer Kyle Severn, bassist Chuck Sherwood, and guitarist Luke Shively, displays death metal know-how and the power of determination.




Side A:

1. Offerings (The swarm) IV
2. Concordat (The pact) I
3. Chalice (Vessel consanguineous) VIII
4. Homunculus (Spirit made flesh) IX
5. Invocation (Chthonic merge) X


Side B:

1. Megaron (Sunken chamber) VI
2. Convulse (Words of power) III
3. Altar (Unify in carnage) V
4. Exile (Defy the false) II
5. Circle (Eye of ascension) VII

Incantation - Unholy Deification (Ltd Purple Vinyl)

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