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Jack's back with all his guns full on fucking blazing! Fear Of The Dawn has to be his most direct album yet but it's a truly 'out there' direct. It's breadth, scape and imagination is unbelieveable as he destroys every boundary he has ever put in place. Kicking off with the blazing riffs by the second of album opener 'Taking Me Back' to the cosmic glam slop of the title track you know you're onto a winner!


You get Q-Tip on the jumpin' mafia funeral blaze of 'Hi De Ho' and then the 60's sonic jamboree 'Eosophobia' that sounds like the late Lee Perry could be at the controls. Following that - 'Into The Twilight' sounds like he's rewired the now defunct Daft Punk! 'What's The Trick' is classic 100mph ranting Jack, 'That Was Then' is a full on chucking booze everywhere house party banger while 'Shedding My Velvet' is the perfect closer to such an eclectic electric record. This could be the record he's had in his head for quite some time and now it's out there. It's mental. It's truly amazing.


01. "Taking Me Back"
02. "Fear of the Dawn"
03. "The White Raven"
04. "Hi-De-Ho" (featuring Q-Tip)
05. "Eosophobia"
06. "Into the Twilight"
07. "Dusk"
08. "What's the Trick?"
09. "That Was Then (This Is Now)"
10. "Eosophobia (Reprise)"
11. "Morning, Noon and Night"
12. "Shedding My Velvet"

Jack White - Fear Of The Dawn (Ltd Astro Blue Vinyl)