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2018 Remaster 


50 Words For Snow her tenth album, was released six months after her last LP, Director's Cut. The record is releaesd on her own label Fish People. Unlike Director's Cut, which saw Bush reinterpreting tracks from her back catalogue, 50 Words for Snow consists entirely of new material. There are seven tracks on the album, which has a running time of 65 minutes. the tracks are 'Set Against a Background of Falling Snow'.


1. Snowflake (2018 Remaster)

2. Lake Tahoe (2018 Remaster)

3. Misty (2018 Remaster)

4. Wild Man (2018 Remaster)

5. Snowed In At Wheeler Street (2018 Remaster)

6. 50 Words For Snow (2018 Remaster)

7. Among Angels (2018 Remaster)

Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow (Snowy White Vinyl)