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2018 remaster


The Dreaming is Kate's fourth studio album and was released in 1982. Following Kate's production assistance on Lionheart, and her co-production of Never For Ever with Jon Kelly, The Dreaming was the first album Kate produced on her own. The album peaked at number 3 in the UK album chart and has been certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry.




Sat In Your Lap (2018 Remaster)
There Goes A Tenner (2018 Remaster)
Pull Out The Pin (2018 Remaster)
Suspended In Gaffa (2018 Remaster)
Leave It Open (2018 Remaster)
The Dreaming (2018 Remaster)
Night Of The Swallow (2018 Remaster)
All The Love (2018 Remaster)
Houdini (2018 Remaster)
Get Out Of My House (2018 Remaster)

Kate Bush - The Dreaming (Smokey Vinyl)