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Guitarist Mel Brown's 1967 Impulse! debut is possibly both the funkiest and most unique album ever released on the label. Brown's clean blues picking style honed while playing in John Lee Hooker's and T-Bone Walker's bands marinates funkily with the swinging soul-jazz organ of Gerald Wiggins. Especially noteworthy are the title track, Greasy Spoon and the simmering lament of I'm Goin to Jackson. Audio transferred from the analog tapes.


1. Chicken Fat (Side A)
2. Greasy Spoon (Side A)
3. Home James (Side A)
4. Anacrusis (Side A)
5. Hobo Flats (Side B)
6. Shanty (Side B)
7. Sad But True (Side B)
8. I'm Goin To Jackson (Side B)
9. Slalom (Side B)

Mel Brown - Chicken Fat (Verve By Request Series)

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