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Mr Scruff will release a special 20th anniversary edition of his classic album Trouser Jazz via Ninja Tune. The deluxe 2LP features blue / red vinyl discs, iconic artwork by Mr. Scruff himself alongside Airside and boasts an infinity peelable trouser sticker on the cover  whatever one of those is!

Originally released in 2002, Trouser Jazz was the hotly anticipated follow-up to the Manchester-based DJ, producer, record collector and cartoonist's barnstorming Ninja Tune debut Keep it Unreal (1999). As a DJ, Andy Carthy aka Mr. Scruff plays across the board, moving between soul, funk, hip hop, jazz, reggae, latin, african, ska, disco, house, funk, electro, breaks, soundtracks and loads more. As a producer he makes music that draws on these influences, with a large dose of cheek and good humour. His cartoon drawings illustrate gig flyers, posters, record sleeves, t-shirts and occasionally accompany him at gigs as live animated visuals.


1. Here We Go
2. Sweetsmoke
3. Come Alive (feat. Niko)
4. Shrimp
5. Vibrate (feat. Braintax)
6. Ug
7. Shelf Wobbler

1. Valley of the Sausages (feat. Sneaky & Seaming To)
2. Champion Nibble
3. Come on Grandad
4. Beyond (feat. Seaming To)
5. Giffin
6. Ahoy There!

Mr Scruff - Trouser Jazz (Ltd 20th Anniversary Blue/Red Vinyl)