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Barn, the new Neil Young/Crazy Horse album was recorded in a remote, restored, 19th century log barn. This musical family has played together for a half century, yet they continue creating new music. The album comprises 10 new songs that capture the wild, rock and roll spirit, the idiosyncratic raw sound and the lyrical beauty that epitomizes a classic NYCH collaboration. The last song was birthed on the last morning of the album session and was recorded only an hour later during a pounding hailstorm during the full moon.


1. Song Of The Seasons
2. Heading West
3. Change Ain't Never Gonna Come
4. Canerican
5. Shape Of You
6. They Might Be Lost
7. Today's People
8. Tumblin' Through The Years
9. Welcome Back
10. Don't Forget Love

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Barn

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