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Finland’s Nightwish have always stood for virtuoso perfection. They are able to evoke fantastic dream worlds, fade out time and space, and touch you deep inside with their symphonic majestic compositions. Since their formation in July 1996, they have risen long ago to become the most successful Symphonic Metal band.’Imaginaerum’ is their adventurous concept album and 7th studio release (2011).

Nightwish - Imaginaerum (Clear W/ White& Gold Splatter Double Vinyl)

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  • Side A:

    1. Taikatalvi

    2. Storytime

    3. Ghost River

    4. Slow,Love, Slow

    Side B:

    1. I Want My Tears Back

    2. Scaretale

    3. Arabesque

    4. Turn Loose The Mermaids

    Side C:

    1. Rest Calm

    2. The Crow, The Owl And The Dove

    3. Last Ride Of The Day

    Side D:

    1. Song Of Myself (I.From A Dusty Bookshelf/II.All That Great Heart Lying Still/III.Piano Black/IV.Love)

    2. Imaginearum