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"Incesticide" is not an album in the classic sense, rather a collection of excerpts, demos, unreleased singles and BBC live recordings. Nirvana have thereby created a fascinating production that gains considerable meaning when looking back on the events that followed. "Incesticide" is full of brilliant songs like"Silver", "Dive" and "Molly's Lips".


LP 1

1. Dive (Album Version)
2. Sliver
3. Stain (Album Version)
4. Been A Son (BBC Mark Goodier Session)
5. Turnaround (BBC John Peel Session 1990)
6. Molly's Lips (BBC John Peel Session 1990)
7. Son Of A Gun (BBC John Peel Session 1990)
8. (New Wave) Polly (BBC Mark Goodier Session)
LP 2

1. Beeswax
2. Downer (Album Version)
3. Mexican Seafood
4. Hairspray Queen
5. Aero Zeppelin
6. Big Long Now (Album Version)
7. Aneurysm (Album Version)

Nirvana - Incesticide

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