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One Step Closer has always believed that hardcore is limitless. On the album, the band puts that theory into practice. Every release from the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania band has seen them exploring the sonic overlaps of hardcore, emo, and 90's alternative rock without an iota of self-consciousness, or pretension, creeping into the mix. 'All You Embrace' is a collection of 11 songs that show One Step Closer reaching for something deeply honest and, as always, authentic.

One Step Closer - All You Embrace (White Vinyl)

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  • 1. The Deathlife
    2. Sleepyhead
    3. Loserman
    4. True Hardcore (II)
    5. Welcome to the Situation
    6. Sullenboy
    7. Give It Time (II)
    8. Queen of Limerick
    9. The Woes
    10. Fiddleheads
    11. Fifteen to Infinity
    12. Going to Die