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"Draconian Times" is Paradise Lost's most recognized and successful album and for good reason, they managed to take a genre of Metal that didn't GET much recognition until the mid-90's and take it to the next level.


Doom metal and more specifically goth metal itself didn't exist that much in the 80's....outside of say Candlemass and Celtic Frost just barely touching upon the basics of the genre, and they did so with style, but nobody had done it like Paradise Lost.


"Draconian Times" shows Paradise Lost at their creative peak between their older material and the new style of the band. There's enough doom and gloom here to almost combat with the previous 2 albums and enough progression that surpasses the rest of their discography.


This album comes out in deluxe Triple Gatefold edition - Double Vinyl, in two colors (Gold / Silver)

Paradise Lost - Draconian Times MMXI (Indies Only 2LP Vinyl)