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First album in three years from one of the world's credible stadium rock bands. By The Way sees the band continues to explore the dynamic between such polar opposites of fun loving enthusiastic vibes and darker moments.


1. "By the Way" 
2. "Universally Speaking" 
3. "This Is the Place" 
4. "Dosed" 
5. "Don't Forget Me" 
6. "The Zephyr Song" 
7. "Can't Stop" 
8. "I Could Die for You"
9. "Midnight"
10. "Throw Away Your Television" 
11. "Cabron" 
12. "Tear" 
13. "On Mercury"
14. "Minor Thing" 
15. "Warm Tape" 
16. "Venice Queen" 

Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way

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