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Duality was recorded in Los Angeles with producers Brandon Paddock [Avril Lavigne, Christina

Perri, Timeflies], Tommy English [We Came As Romans, Megan & Liz, Black Veil Brides], and Matt Appleton [Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Foxy Shazam]. Set It Off displays a more refined pop sound on Duality, offering the perfect blend of bright sing-alongs, inspiring anthems, and sinister

breakup ballads. Vocalist Cody Carson shines on the new album with his soaring croons and

dynamic range, impeccably framed by standout guitarwork, bold horns and driving rhythms.

With Duality, Set It Off has expanded upon their signature cinematic sound, creating their most

memorable and cohesive work to date. The forthcoming album also features impressive guest

vocalist spots from Jason Lancaster (Go Radio) and William Beckett, and was included in

Alternative Press’ ‘Most Anticipated Music of 2014’ Issue.

Set It Off - Duality (Ultra Clear Eco Vinyl)