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Upside Down is the third studio album by American band Set It Off. The album was released on

October 7, 2016 through record labels Equal Vision Records and Rude Records. Since the release

of sophomore album ‘Duality’ in 2014 (produced by John Feldmann - 5SOS, Blink-182, Good

Charlotte, All Time Low), lots of things have changed for Tampa, FL natives Set It Off. Considered

among many like the freshest pop rock band in the scene, they’ve been working for the past few

years on ‘Upside Down’, third full-length album to date, in which they continue to expand their

signature sound of high energy, orchestra-infused pop and exquisite musical composition and

harmonization. ‘Upside Down’ will be available worldwide-wise in physical & digital formats on

July, 22nd in perfect time to become one of this Summer’s soundtracks.

Set It Off - Upside Down (Magenta Eco Vinyl)

  • 1. Something New

    2. Uncontainable

    3. Life Afraid

    4. Upside Down

    5. Want

    6. Diamond Girl

    7. Tug of War

    8. Admit It

    9. Hypnotized

    10. Never Know

    11. Crutch

    12. Me w/o Us