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'Undisputed Attitude' is the seventh studio album by American thrash metal band Slayer, released in May 1996, featuring covers of various punk and hardcore bands including Minor Threat, D.R.I., Verbal Abuse, T.S.O.L and The Stooges, among others.

Slayer - Undisputed Attitude (Vinyl LP)

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  • A1 Disintegration / Free Money
    A2 Verbal Abuse / Leeches
    A3 Abolish Government / Superficial Love
    A4 Can't Stand You
    A5 Ddamm (Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers)
    A6 Guilty Of Being White
    A7 I Hate You
    A8 Filler / I Don't Want To Hear It
    A9 Spiritual Law
    B1 Sick Boy
    B2 Mr. Freeze
    B3 Violent Pacification
    B4 Richard Hung Himself
    B5 I'm Gonna Be Your God (I Wanna Be Your Dog)
    B6 Gemini