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LP - Limited Edition Clear & Black Pinwheel Vinyl. Only 500 (UK/EU)

The highly anticipated new album from Spanish Love Songs, following on from their excellent 2020 album 'Brave Faces Everyone'. Heartfelt and punchy emo-indie-rock at its finest. 

Brimming with new wave pastiche, fluttering synths, shimmering walls of chorus guitar, and four-on-the-floor rhythms, ‘No Joy’ isn’t an exclamation point follow-up to the emotional catharsis of the landmark ‘Brave Faces Everyone’ as much as it is an exhale – the sound of vocalist and guitarist Dylan Slocum, his wife and keyboardist Meredith Van Woert, guitarist Kyle McAulay, bassist Trevor Dietrich, and drummer Ruben Duarte finding peace in quieter moments and embracing the negative space.  




1. Lifers
2. Pendulum
3. Haunted
4. Clean-Up Crew
5. Middle of Nine
6. Marvel
7. I'm Gonna Miss Everything
8. Rapture Chaser
9. Mutable
10. Here You Are
11. Exit Bags
12. Re-Emerging Signs of the Apocalypse

Spanish Love Songs - No Joy (Ltd Clear& Black Pinwheel Vinyl)