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Looper extraordinaire Tash Sultana's 2018 debut album. Sultana, who is entirely self-taught, wrote, produced and performed each track on 'Flow State' herself, and has culled an audience of millions through her videos on YouTube and Facebook. Onstage, she performs alone with a series of effects pedals and loopers to create a symphony of sounds. The album is full of soulful pop where Sultana throws the kitchen sink at it, beatboxing, singing, guitar, bass, keyboards and even flute and trumpet. It's infectious.


Side A:
1. Seed (Intro)
2. Big Smoke
3. Cigarettes
4. Murder To The Mind
Side B:
1. Seven
2. Salvation
3. Pink Moon
Side C:
1. Mellow Marmalade
2. Harvest Love (Live Bedroom Recording)
3. Mystik
Side D:
1. Free Mind
2. Blackbird
3. Outro

Tash Sultana - Flow State

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