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The Cure have a lot of iconic moments from throughout their career, starting with the angular goth rock of their early years right through to their long-standing position as headline treasures of British alternative music. Originally released in 1992, Wish marked their move towards a poppier sound, and 30 years on it still ranks as their most successful album to date. This reissue gives Wish the pomp and ceremony it deserves, letting perennial classics like 'Friday I'm In Love' shine anew for lifelong fans and newcomers alike.


A1: Open (6:51)
A2: High (3:37)
A3: Apart (6:38)

B1: From The Edge of The Green Sea (7:44)
B2: Wendy Time (5:13)
B3: Doing The Unstuck (4:24)

C1: Friday I'm In Love (3:38)
C2: Trust (5:32)
C3: A Letter To Elise (5:14)

D1: Cut (5:55)
D2: To Wish Impossible Things (4:43)
C3: End (6:45)

The Cure - Wish

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