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RELEASE DATE: 9th August 2024

The UK-based recording artist best known for cult 2005 debut album “We Have Sound” is back. After the avant-garde mix of sounds of 4th album “New Symbols”, the “Confirm Yourself” EP sees a return to a raw guitar-based live sound to complement a run of sold out stripped-back solo shows during April 2024. 

Always fiercely independent, Tom has played every instrument, produced and mixed every track. The EP is a collection of self-assured personal mantras, indeed encouraging the listener to “Confirm Yourself” too. 

“Say” is a joyous yet vulnerable ode to communication. “Nothing Bad” is an honest request of the universe to live a simple life in an ever more chaotic world. “Think About It” continues the theme of the narrator’s ignorance-is-bliss attitude to the trials and tribulations of the over-thinker while “All I See Is You” proposes that the protagonist may have been blinded by love all along.

Tom Vek - Confirm Yourself (12" Picture Disc)

Expected Shipping: 08/08/2024